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Message from Associate Vice-Principal's Desk

Twinkling eyes, innocence radiating from their faces and simplicity shining through the core of their beings- these are the few initial impressions that knock the door of the mind when my eyes look at them. Whom am I looking at? Of course, my students! Just as soft as clay ready to take moulds but with careful hands,in very gentle way,with utmost care,full of love and compassion.all children are meant to shine and we the teachers are born to manifest that glory within them.

Adamas world school as an institution always remain committed to these young minds and look for their controlled ignition in a gradual way, step-by-step, so as to make them grow, and allow them to mature eventually in the process.

We create the conditions whereby the learning experience of a student no longer remains a confinement to the pure intellectual grasp as mere receptors of information, rather, it goes beyond a point where the students’- mind, heart and ‘will’ enters the whole process of learning, striking every individual cognitive dimension of their brain; because without joining internal feeling to the intellect, learning will not move a child to action.

Our institution and its chartered curriculum ensures we tap into one’s hidden talents, skills innate to each one of them, to build and nurture them, and to sharpen them as a perfect piece of art reflecting their own beauty from every inch of creation.

Students here exemplified as the true innovative young minds capable of standing tall in the face of every challenge they come across. Not only are they true to their academics but also incessantly active in their co-curriculars, humanitarian causes as well as social activities.

‘The sweet nectar of knowledge and intellect sometimes becomes poison if not couched firmly in a shell of polite honest behaviour’- the mantra I truly believe in and therefore strive hard to impart essential moral values in my students from time to time.

Students of today are the future of tomorrow and I envisage seeing them as uplifted young minds not only dedicated and efficient in their work they undertake but also fine and responsible citizens of the society, true to their words, steady in their decision making and above all duly respectful to their own ‘LIFE’ and every other life form and admire ‘LIFE’ as the most precious gift of the Almighty one could ever have in this lifetime. After all, it is the light of sentience through which this world is seen.

Thanks & cheers!
Swati Goswami
Associate Vice Principal
Adamas World School