Principal's Address

Relentless advances in sciences as also other spheres of learning and continuous emergence of new technologies have been persistently altering the very landscape of information and hence of the universe we live in. In such a world, where change appears to be the only constant, good schools the world over, must facilitate within their students the growth of skills, aptitudes and attitudes to be the autonomous learners who construct their knowledge independently as well as engender among young people the capacity for coping creatively, competently, cheerfully with all kinds of change.

I feel deeply enthused to contribute to the process of this esteemed Institution’s evolution into a true world class centre of holistic excellence in schooling. My endeavour has always been to keep adding to the dynamicity of the institution that believes in staying ahead of its times. Adamas World School is totally committed to having the right kind of training and re-training programmes, systems of operational procedures and all the innovative options for process-driven and outcome-based education in place. The school upholds the paradigm of student-centred, skill-based, inquiry-oriented, personalized programmes of holistic education concentrated on hands-on conceptual learning, experiential and competency-based learning to suit the needs of the present generation of school-going young children individually and collectively.

Mrs. Suparna Bhattacharjee
M.A.(International Relations, English), B.Ed
(Adamas World School)