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21st Century Language Skills

Go! Grow! Glow!

A workshop for the teachers of Adamas World School was conducted by Chitralekha Bhaskar on the 22nd of July. It became an unforgettable day as Ms. Bhaskar guided us through a journey of self discovery and what it means to be teacher in this modern age.

She helped us understand the changing role of a teacher and hybrid classes and the technology involved in it. A few games were arranged, the most significant one being the Balloon Game where teachers were asked to get up from their seats and actually run around to complete a certain task with the help of their colleagues. It was a great example of collaborative effort and how it affects the end result of a task.

T – together

E – everyone

A – achieves

M – more

Important topics that were touched upon included the importance of mental health, self care, emotional regulation, mindfulness, personal finances, reforming negative thoughts and the importance of sleep. Creating a positive classroom environment and being aware of developmental goals of children were other relevant subjects that were discussed.

Teachers were given a chance to express their views and also ask questions regarding how children should be guided so that they may become effective communicators, involved learners and connect wholly with their immediate environment in order to learn better.

It was an enriching experience as we learnt that a 21st Century teacher is a critical thinker, a communicator, a collaborator and a creator.

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.”  Albert Einstein.