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Academic Facilities in Adamas World School

Being located within the sprawling green campus of the Adamas Knowledge City, AWS offers an extensive range of excellent facilities to create the educational magic focused on personalized learning.

AWS has spacious and well-lit class rooms which give an exposure to a joyful world where children learn by doing. Learning is student-centred and creativity is nurtured. Critical thinking and logical reasoning, social and life skills are developed. Communication skill is honed which aids in personality development. The school aims at creating independent learners and socially and morally responsible global citizens of tomorrow.


Information Technology is an integral part of the way in which the school operates. The school campus houses an upgraded computer lab and classrooms with smart boards with an easy access to online resources. The classrooms are equipped with digital display boards making the education more interactive and learner centric.


Foundation courses are offered from class VII to IX to ensure that students are able to indulge in more than just their educational syllabi. These classes give a fundamental understanding of subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology and aid the students to be more capable of conquering any entrance or competitive exam.
Integrated Science Courses are offered in the Senior Secondary level and prepare the students to crack IIT-JEE or NEET or any other competitive exam.

The Foundation and Integrated programmes help in expanding a student’s thought process by encouraging them to think out of the box. The coaching bridges the gap between the regular school examination pattern and entrance examination pattern. The learning skills are enhanced and the students’ IQ and EQ are magnified giving them an all round preparation.


The learners gain first hand learning experience by performing various experiments.

Math Lab: The Mathematics laboratory is equipped with the latest manuals and kits and provides opportunity to enjoy Mathematics through informal exploration. It is a space to explore and design new mathematical activities and develops logical and analytical skills of the young learners.

The Physics, Chemistry and Biology Laboratories have the upgraded Lab tools and equipments enabling the students to perform different experiments. Apart from the concerned subject teacher, the students are assisted by a qualified lab assistant. The students’ safety and security is of prime importance in the laboratories. The students quench the thirst of knowledge for the Natural Sciences as the observational skill is enhanced and they gain practical ability to perform experiments and analyze data.