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Adamas World School Campus

Adamas World School is a Centre for learning with different facets of holistic development designed to give your children the upbringing of the highest standards, while providing them with all the care and comfort of a home, away from home. It is spread over an area of two acres of a very green, neat and eco-friendly environment. It is a part of the sprawling green campus of Adamas Knowledge City, which is spread over 100 acres of neatly maintained gardens, fields and playgrounds with wide and clean pathways. With its tranquil academic environment, fresh greenery, support infrastructure and excellent connectivity, it heralds a great new lifestyle.

Adamas Wolrd School

Campus Tour

The school building is three – storied. It is a spacious building with wide corridors, large, airy, well-lit classrooms, a well-stocked Library for knowledge seekers. A Maths Lab developing logical and analytical skills, a Biology Laboratory quenching the thirst of knowledge for the Natural Sciences, a Physics Laboratory that helps in careful observation and thoughtful analysis of actual experiments, a Chemistry Laboratory that enables practical ability to do experiments and analyse data and a Computer Laboratory that quenches their curiosity with technical knowledge. We also have an Infirmary that has trained nurses equipped with adequate stock of medicines for medical attention.

For pursuing Sports and Fitness classes there are huge playgrounds on both sides of the school.

The School fosters a healthy atmosphere of physical, mental and holistic growth of our children, developing responsible and caring members of Society.