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Pre School in Barasat, Kolkata

Childhood is one of the finest flowerings of god. This is the most vulnerable  time in the entire  human life cycle. This is the time when children get to know one’s immediate surroundings / ecosystem. They form bonds with parents and their first learning experiences influence their future physical, cognitive, educational  and social development to a great extent Hence it is very essential for the care givers to optimize the early  years of their lives. It is the  most precious time when children  should be free from fear, safe from violence and protected from abuse and exploitation. In other words childhood means much more than just the space between birth and the attainment  of childhood . Childhood is the best period in one’s life and we all know that children do not have social inhibitions. But at the same time it is very important for children  to get socialized. And there is no better place than a school that promotes a child’s mental and psychological growth and it is their first step towards exploring pastures  anew. When a child comes to school for the first time, he/she gets to know the world around. A  school prepares the child with the tools that are needed for future success.

Adamas World School is one such school that focuses on the five main areas of a child’s development:
Social and emotional
Speech and language
     Fine motor skills
     Gross motor skills

Adamas World School ensures that the budding souls also have proper character building, widens their horizons, develops communal harmony and socialization, children learn work ethics, different soft skills and life skills and a strong value system is inculcated . We strongly believe that children must learn out of the box. Education must facilitate the cultivation of a healthy thought process. Our primary aim is to discover the attitude of a child, nurture it and showcase at the right level.

As we all know that early childhood education relates to the teaching of children from birth upto the age of eight, ECCE, is more than preparation for primary school. Based on this theory, Adamas World School aims at the holistic development of a child, fosters curiosity in them and helps them to be problem solvers, thinkers communicators, life long and independent learners and the curriculum followed in this school is not only customized but also skill – based. We believe that every individual has a different learning style and the methodologies followed are :


  • Child centric innovative approach
  • Thematic approach
  • Activity and worksheet oriented
  • Emphasis is laid on imagination / fantasy
  • Enquiry system
  • Importance is given to drawings / illustrations
  • Make children express themselves
  • Teaching is done through display boards

Main Focus of Pre-Primary Section

tree of knowledge adamas world school

AWS Interaction Pattern- Fundamental Factor in the success of any activity

  • Large group activities
  • Pair activities
  • Small group activities
  • Team activities
  • Individual Activities