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Student Safety and Security

Adamas World School understands that the safety and security of a child during school hours is of paramount importance and ensures that both aspects are well taken care of, offering a safe and carefree environment for the students.


Student activities are closely monitored in class, in the playgrounds, laboratories, washrooms, and corridors even during Lunch break. Security and safety of the students is an activity that is undertaken by all staff members of the school at all times. Teachers are alert and accompany them everywhere. The surveillance cameras have been put everywhere in the campus which are being monitored by the administrators round the clock. Security personnel belonging to a reputed agency are deployed all over the campus on a full-time basis and the entry / exit of all members of the school as well as visitors is strictly regulated and constantly monitored. A Discipline Committee of teachers are on duty during Lunch break and Dispersal, closely monitoring each and every child. On every floor there are Group D staff monitoring the Girls’ washrooms and Boys’ washrooms.

Periodic mock drills on fire, emergency and evacuation techniques are held to apprise and train the students on handling emergencies. Staircases on both sides of the building are used on a regular basis as a practice for quick evacuation if required.

We have a fully equipped Infirmary with a trained nurse and an adequate stock of medicines are kept for emergency. Adamas also has its own Ambulances ready in the Campus. During any emergency medical attention, students are transferred to the nearby Narayana Hospital and parents are immediately informed.

Students, teachers, staff and security, all carry Identity Cards at all times. Entry and Exit into the campus by students is only through the school buses which ensures that no outsiders enter the school except during visiting hours.

A safe and secure campus provides a nurturing environment for learning.