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Adamas World School
Secondary School Classes IX-X

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today!”  by Malcolm X.

Adamas World School strictly follows the CBSE, NCERT curriculum for The Secondary Section of the school. The curriculum refers to the lessons and academic content to be taught to a learner in the school for class IX and X. It encompasses general objectives of learning, courses of study, subject-wise instructional objectives and content, pedagogical practices and assessment guidelines. Secondary education occupies a very strategic position in the educational pattern of the country.

Curriculum Areas at Secondary Level :

The Secondary School Curriculum acknowledges the fact that subjects like Language, Mathematics, Science and Social science help the cognitive development of the child and, therefore, require a greater academic emphasis. Further, CBSE also envisions the all-round development of students in consonance with the holistic approach to education and therefore, emphasizes integration of co-curricular domains with curricular activities in an equitable manner. In operational sense, the secondary curriculum is learner-centred with school being a place where students would be acquiring various skills; building self-concept, sense of enterprise, aesthetic sensibilities and sportsmanship. Therefore, for the purpose of fostering core competencies in learners, this curriculum encompasses even major learning areas, from scholastic and co scholastic point of view.

The Areas of learning at the Secondary level are as under:

Changes for 2020 Exam

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will conduct two separate examinations for Mathematics in Class X Board examination starting from 2020 session. The current Mathematics exam is now Mathematics Standard, and an easier version of Mathematics has been introduced (called Mathematics Basic). Students taking the latter version may not study Mathematics to any further level.

The option of choosing Mathematics will be mentioned in the registration form for Class X CBSE Board examination. Candidates will be required to select their choice of the test while filling the registration form for CBSE Class X Board examination 2020

Also, CBSE has introduced Art Education and Art Integrated Education which may be mutually exclusive, but they build upon each other and strengthen each other. It has been implemented from the session 2019-20. Art Education is a necessary precursor for the adoption of Art Integrated learning. Art education will continue to be an integral part of the curriculum, as a co-scholastic area.

Adamas World School aims at inspiring and empowering students to excel academically in such a strong manner that they become socially conscious too. At AWS, the teaching-learning process is highly student centred and takes into account students’ diverse social, emotional and physical needs to enhance their success.