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Adamas World School Primary Section ( III TO V)

Primary education is the threshold of entering the formal education. At this stage, the holistic development of the child is immensely important. Keeping this in mind, AWS aims at nurturing and enhancing the young minds to their full potential.

AWS is not only a school to them, but also a second home where they get a congenial learning ambience and empathetic teachers who positively motivate them to soar higher in the fabric of daily life and education.

Here learners are motivated to learn with profound energy, intense eagerness and endless enthusiasm. They love to inquire, discover and explore the unknown. To make their learning more effective and interesting, we always put more emphasis on hands on experience and activity based learning. A plethora of such activities helps them to deepen their knowledge and promotes their analytical acumen, critical thinking and problem solving ability. As we believe in the student centered approach rather than teacher centric learning, so conceptual learning is of paramount importance in our school. Instead of rote memorization, the children can grasp ideas so deeply and minutely that later they can apply their learnt concepts in real life situations.

Besides individual learning, we also aim at peer learning where they get ample scope of working collaboratively with others and evaluating their own learning. 

Not only within the periphery of school, our students are incredibly spontaneous in taking part in various inter school competitions where they have been able to showcase their wonderful performances. All the children are always motivated to participate in intra school events like Science Exhibition, Numeracy week, Literacy week and some other inter-house events where they learn how to interact with others, thereby developing their communicative skill.

We sincerely believe that every child is talented and unique in his or her own way. To unfold their latent talent, our school provides manifold extra-curricular activities.

In addition to the academic growth, we also keep an eye for the physical development of the children. Physical Education is an inseparable part of our curriculum. The children are taught to develop their coordination skill, motor- fitness skill, fundamental skills by engaging themselves in various physical activities including yoga.

Key Features of AWS

A huge campus with two big playgrounds.

Adequately furnished, spacious and airy classrooms.

A well-equipped Computer, Math and Science lab.

A well stocked library.

Yearly field trips

A high quality experimental learning 

Qualified teachers.

Transport facility.