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6 ways to improve communication skills in students


The ability to communicate effectively is a key skill that students need to possess in order to excel in life.  Communication skills help students to deliver their message effectively. From personal relationships to professional success, a lot depends on how a person communicates. Here are some advantages of having good communication skills:

  • A student with good communication skills is likely to have better social networking skills.
  • Will be able to convey his or her thoughts clearly without any confusion.
  • Is likely to be good at conflict resolution.
  • Is likely to be a team player.



As one of the top CBSE schools in Kolkata, we share with you tips that can help students enhance their communication skills:

Think Before Speaking
Every student should practice this because once the words are spoken they cannot be taken back. Words can be appreciative and critical and they have the power to make the other person feel good or bad. Therefore, students should understand the weight that words carry and think before they speak.

Be Specific
While speaking students should articulate and to the point. The specificity will come when they will have clear thoughts. Conveying a clear message is very important in being understood. For developing clear thoughts they should write. When students write and revisit their writing, they get an opportunity to reflect on what they’ve written. This helps to refine their thoughts.

Take Part in Debates
Debates are one of the best ways to overcome the fear of public speaking. Debating not only enhances students’ knowledge of the subject but also helps them to prepare rational arguments. Also, debating helps students to recognise and respect diverse viewpoints

Bonus Tip: Students should prepare both for and against sides. Doing this will help students prepare their own arguments and  rebut what the opponent may say.

Prepare Short Speeches for School Assemblies
Students should take part in school assemblies, be it for speeches or compering. All these activities enrich students’ vocabulary and also help boost their confidence. Speeches in particular help students to develop public speaking skills and persuasive language.

Practise Active Listening
To speak effectively students need to be active listeners. To respond properly, they first need to understand what the other person is saying. Practising empathy and active listening can help them become better orators.

Taking Part in Extempore Speech
Practising extempore speeches on any topic helps students overcome stage fright and also articulate their thoughts on a subject.



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