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The Telegraph School Awards for Excellence 2021

We are happy and proud to announce that this year again we are the recipients of the Telegraph School Awards for Excellence-2021 in six different categories, having bagged certificates of Excellence, Merit and Appreciation.

Category: School


Adamas World School believes in an institutional landscape gardening which is an innovative teaching tool and strategy that lets educators incorporate hands-on activities in a diversity of interdisciplinary standards-based lessons. The garden engages students by providing a dynamic environment in which to observe, discover, experiment, nurture, and learn. Students actively participated in planting new saplings in the campus. Through the garden, students gain an understanding of ecosystems, an appreciation for food origins and nutrition, and knowledge of plant and animal life cycles. At the same time, they learn practical horticultural skills that last a lifetime.



Adamas World School has been consistently giving good results in CBSE, Secondary and Higher Secondary levels. We are very proud of their performance.

Certificate of Appreciation for Social Service

While the world was still reeling under the continued Pandemic situation trying to cope up with Covid 19 and its varied phases, Prof. (Dr) Samit Ray was busy being the ‘Ray of light’ for thousands of lives in and around Barasat by offering the campus of Adamas World School yet again in the current year with its grand infrastructure, transformed into a Quarantine Centre from 25th May 2021 to mid-July housing several physicians and trained nurses. An emergency hospital of 500 beds was arranged in the classrooms and several people were quarantined. Located strategically on Nilgunj Road of Barasat, this campus catered to the needs of patients in and around North 24 Parganas.

Merit Certificate for Excellence in Extra Curricular Activities

Adamas World School believes in fostering creativity in academics and co-curricular activities, ushering intrinsic motivation which is essential to the creative process—and relies on students pursuing meaningful goals. Creativity also directly enhances learning by increasing motivation, deepening understanding, thinking out of the box and promoting joy. Creative thinking can facilitate deeper cross-curricular learning and keep students engaged meaningfully.   

Making an attempt to ease out the pandemic situation, the school tried to boost the morale of the children by organizing various events. All we wanted to do is to bring a smile to their lovely faces and we are successful in our attempt. We also encouraged our children to participate in various INTER-SCHOOL competitions which were held pan-India. We made them believe that to have a beautiful life, full of dreams, aspirations and ingenuity, it’s important to lose the fear of being wrong. Several INTRA-SCHOOL competitions too took place and were scheduled for the whole session.   

Category: Special Individual Honour



Ritambhar Bhattacharyaa

Ritambhar Bhattacharyaa is a child we admire for his courage for not giving up or breaking down, having lost his father, Late Dr. Prodip Kumar Bhattacharyya, to Covid 19, who himself was a medical professional, a covid warrior who tirelessly served in such a distressed situation to help others who were battling the virus and thereby lost the battle of life himself.

Ritambhar, who was all along a meritorious student did not let this crisis deter him even though it was the most unexpected tragedy to befall him just before the Board exams were due. He did not give up his mental strength and stood by his mother, Mrs. Brotati Bhattacharyya who is a home maker, through thick and thin as expected of him. He did not let the crisis dampen his spirit or drive him to the nadir of pessimism, and surprised everybody when the Board results were declared by the school. His good grades and sincere effort in his academics proved how he did not leave any stone unturned to tide over the crisis and the grief in his life like a brave-heart in spite of incurring such an irretrievable loss at such an early and crucial stage of his life.

Category: Special Individual Honour




Irani Paul

We are proud of our Senior Group D Staff, Irani Paul. She has been working with the institution since 2014.  She is one of the most dependable and responsible individuals to work with and we appreciate everything she does. She is a graduate, having studied in Bagbajar Women’s College, Calcutta University. It was circumstances that pushed her to seek employment after the sad demise of her husband. She was suddenly faced with a situation where her aged mother-in-law and both her ageing parents were completely dependent on her. She takes care of them and her orphaned niece, sponsoring her education with her meagre wages.

Such a benevolent soul, who has devoted her life to the goodwill of the society and her family, in spite of her economic constrains, lives by Mother Teresa’s words…. “Give, till it hurts.”