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Children's Day Celebration

Today was a very special day at Adamas World School. The children got a surprise when they attended their daily assembly. The teachers had prepared a wonderful program for Children’s Day. Two groups of teachers sang melodious songs and two other groups of teachers had prepared mesmerizing choreography. There was also poetry recitation and even a little skit! 

Though the program may sound short, for a morning assembly surprise it was perfect. The audience cheered loudly for their teachers and there were loud rounds of applause. It was a memorable celebration for sure. The children also happily received chocolates later during the day from their teachers.

Principal Sir ended the program with a motivating speech with regards to the Thought of the Day that was a part of today’s assembly. He addressed the audience and spoke about the importance of being one’s own competition rather than competing with others. This helps us to build a healthy competition that can motivate us to go further ahead with a positive mindset.