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By Rumela Chatterjee, Teacher of English.

English as a language has gone through a lot of transformation in the present times. Today English language is considered more important as a means of communication rather than as an academic subject, as it’s the only language meant for international communication or dealings.

It serves as a global language as it is used in almost all platforms, be it in higher education, technology or in terms of any career opportunities or administrative paperwork. When we speak of communicative English, we need to know that it’s not text book rules and grammar that is hinted but the proficiency in interactive speaking or verbal skills that comes into question along with one’s body language. In simple words it means how well you convey your feelings and thoughts without the use of ornamental language. There are of course challenges faced in trying to master this form of language, as unlike the British and Americans, many do not have the advantage of having English as their mother tongue, hence the only way to make it one’s cup of tea is to use it in all kinds of informal communication.

Nowadays the educational institutes have agreed on the importance of Communicative English, hence we see numerous such courses on the rise, but sadly there is no magic potion or formulae to hone your skill in it but to adhere to the age old saying ‘practice makes a man perfect’. Let’s ditch grammar, structure, syntax, stress and intonation for a second, come out of our classroom sessions and explore the world of communication which is changing rapidly with each passing day.