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Diwali Activity

Adamas World School glowed with the spirit of Diwali as all the students came together for a vibrant celebration.   The school premises were transformed into a visual delight with colorful rangoli designs and glittering diyas, creating an enchanting ambience. 

As “Diwali Activity” our little angels of classes Toddlers, Nursery and KG decorated diyas with colours , glitters and lots of decorative items. 

On the bright morning of the last day before Diwali vacation, all the children of Adamas World School came together to celebrate the festival of lights. It began with everyone eagerly heading towards the field where the morning assembly was held followed by a beautiful program of song and dance from different students of all classes (Toddlers to XII). Dressed in red and white attire all the performers looked wonderful and were cheered on by their classmates as they presented a show that was both intimate and grand. Later during the day, a Rangoli competition was held where all the participants from the four different houses (Socrates, Rousseau, Swami Vivekananda and Confucius) participated with a lot of zeal to create the most intricate and colourful designs that decorated the corridors and hallways of the school. The pretty diyas and the vibrant colours of the flowers added to the festive spirit. 

Students not only celebrated the festival but also gained insights into the rich cultural shade associated with Diwali.

May millions of lamps illuminate your life with joy, prosperity, health and wealth forever.