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Emerging Education Hero Award 2023

“A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart”-Zeus, Hercules.

Heroism does not necessarily mean showing great courage in wartime, shedding blood, accepting physical peril or sacrificing one’s life once and for all.On the contrary laying down one’s life for others on a daily basis, imparting life-long knowledge or making the regular battlefield called life heavenly and peaceful, can also be termed as true heroism.

We all need a hero in our lives.We need them first and foremost because they help define the limits of our aspirations and we look upto them for core values.

The members of Adamas World School are indeed fortunate enough to have a real hero in their lives!

EGN Education Awards on 20.8.23 celebrated the journey of such an educational hero and recognised his contributions as a nation builder.

Mr.Gobind S. Moorjani…a name that brings smile to all, right across the school. Be it a budding toddler or an adolescent of Class 12, whether a staff or a parent, an esteemed guest or an usual visitor, the principal’s humble, cordial and distinctive manner to connect leave a mark on all.He is an adept at handling emotions, ranging from delight to sorrow or annoyance.He is firm yet flexible, affectionate yet authoritarian, understanding yet uncompromising, social yet stern, a man who is extremely empathetic and a real motivator.

It is his urge not to surpass others but his urge to serve others is what makes him different. As a principal, his sound knowledge, visibility, foresightedness, fairness, ability to recognise and prioritize relationships with all stakeholders and community members, makes the gentleman a true hero.

He is a leader, who perfectly and explicitly weaves all the loose ends together giving Adamas World School a fabulous shape.

The school salutes the true educational hero, who knows how to guide students towards academic achievements, staff towards professional success and most importantly helps others make a habit of heroism.