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Adamas World School management has set up a three members Fast

Track Response Cell to attend all queries related to the following issues:

a) Payment of Session fees and Bimonthly fees
b) Refund/adjustment of incremental tuition fees for the calendar year 2020
c) Concession by way of refund of 25% of transportation charges till the school reopens
d) Procedure for seeking financial assistance from Samit Ray Foundation for financially
distressed students in the form of scholarship or concession
e) Query related to late fine payment and old late fines
f) Appeal for any other concessions

The three members’ team shall consist of:

Names Contact No. Email

Mr. S Bhattacharjee 9073905719
Ms. R. Ghosh 8479917973
Ms. S. Majumdar 8479918043

Step 1 – For any query send email
Step 2 – Reminder within 48 hours by SMS/WhatsApp
Step 3 – Call within next 24 hours if query left unattended by SMS/WhatsApp

The Fast Track Response Cell is available 24×7. However, for calling we would prefer 8 a.m.
to 8 p.m..(except Sunday)