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Fit India Week

An inter-house competition was held for two days on 19th and 20th December, 2023 at Adamas World School. A series of exciting cricket, throw ball and tug of war matches were conducted. The participants were very enthusiastic and the rest of the children cheered them on with immense fervour. In the Cricket tournament(for boys), Swami Vivekananda house emerged victorious and Confucius house secured the second place. In the throw ball match(for girls) Socrates house won the first place and Rousseau house bagged the runners-up position. In the tug of war competition(for girls), Rousseau House was crowned as the worthy winner  and Socrates House secured the 2nd position.Throughout the competition, the participants showcased great sportsmanship and were in high spirits. The cool winter air made the whole tournament extremely enjoyable for both the participants and the spectators.