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How to Raise a Confident Kid

“Your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude”
– Michelle Obama

This quote by former US first lady Michelle Obama rightly tells the importance of confidence for a successful life. Self-confidence is a skill that needs to be developed from a very early age in life. Especially for students, developing self-confidence paves the way toward a successful life. Parents and teachers play an important role in building self-confidence in students. With the right guidance and genuine appreciation, they sow the seed of self-confidence in students.


As one of the best CBSE school in Barasat, here we share some useful tips for parents to raise a confident child:

Encourage Your Child to Try New Things
Confidence is not something that develops overnight. It takes time and effort. You need to allow your child to try new things. It could be learning a new language or trying a new sport, or taking part in a competition. All this helps in gaining self-confidence. Participation and competition with others develop a self of pride which further helps them to believe in themselves.

Praise Them on Their Success
It is very important to praise your child for their smallest victory. You can also take them out for a treat. Rewarding and praising are one of the best ways to boost confidence in your children.

Praise Their Perseverance
Teach your child that it is the efforts they put is important and not the end result. As a parent, you should always praise their continuous efforts for their target. Finishing small targets leads to bigger victories.

Embrace Their Imperfections
No one is perfect, and children are no exception to this basic fact. As a supportive parent, it is your responsibility to embrace your child with all their imperfections. Putting too much academic pressure and constantly comparing them with other children only pulls down their confidence. You need to be with them even when they fail. Rather than scolding, you both should analyse the mistakes and work on them for future betterment.

Let Them Make Decisions
You should always allow your child to make their own decisions. Decision-making skills are developed from home. Providing liberty to choose the sports they want to play, the skill they want to learn, and the competition they want to take part in boosts their confidence. It has been found that the liberty to choose enhances the decision-making skill.

Develop Problem Solving Attitude
Providing liberty to your child helps them develop the attitude of problem-solving, and the skill of problem-solving helps in the development of confidence in your child. Even if it is the tiniest problem for your child, let them make their own decisions and explore all the options to solve the problem.



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