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Dear Parents,

The school has just re-opened after Diwali Holidays. Classes have also begun. The syllabus for most of the subjects are completed but some of the subjects have a little bit of portion left. Moreover, some revision work also has to be done.

December, 2020 children of classes 10 and 12 will get study leave. Their Mock Tests will begin from 4th of January, 2021.

If the situation is normal and the Government allows, we will have the Test in the school premises. Otherwise they will have on-line test as per the Board’s Pattern of question paper.

The Internal Marks will be supervised by me and I can assure you that our children will get the marks they deserve and I will be very lenient and sympathetic towards them as they have all suffered due to this unprecedented pandemic situation.

Wishing the children, the very best for the exams,

God Bless!
Dr S.D’Souza