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The Telegraph School Awards for Excellence 2022

Adamas World School is overjoyed to announce that this year again we are the recipients of the Telegraph School Awards in three different categories, awarded in the School category with the Certificate of Honour in Maintenance & Eco-Friendly Initiatives and Merit certificate for Excellence in Extra Curricular Activities. In the Individual category,  Sadhrid Guha was awarded with Honour Certificate for All-Round Excellence by the prestigious Telegraph School Awards 2022 through an Awards Ceremony on 27 August, 2022, at South City International School. For the last three years we have been consistently winning this prestigious award.

Category : School



The landscape gardening and precision agricultural land within the Campus offers a diversity of interdisciplinary standards-based learning which is a living laboratory where lessons are drawn from real-life experiences rather than textbook examples, allowing students to become active participants in the learning process. As an initiative to gain knowledge about ‘precision agriculture’ which is a farming management concept based on observing, measuring and responding to inter and intra-field variability in crops, students of Adamas World School are encouraged and mentored to go for field trips within the campus of Adamas Knowledge City once a week with Prof (Dr) Sandip Banerjee, who is an internationally renowned academician in the field of agriculture and allied sciences. Students, actively participate in planting new saplings in the farm and are given first-hand knowledge about nurturing and protecting crops.

Category : School



The school champions creativity in all its manifestations in higher education also directly enhancing learning by increasing motivation, deepening understanding, thinking out of the box, becoming competitive and promoting joy through its co-curricular activities. These activities help students to develop problem-solving, reasoning, critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, and collaborative abilities. An all-round development (physical, mental, social, moral, aesthetic, and spiritual) drawing out the best in the child’s body, mind and spirit. We advocate an environment that supports such holistic learning to be provided to the children.

Using creative instructional strategies, models, and methods as much as possible in a variety of domains, we have been successful in experimenting with activities where students could practice creative thinking and become more competitive. This has created a vision for learning that is also inclusive in its approach for the future learners making education conducive, creative and comprehensive.

Category : Individual


We are proud of our star student, Sadhrid Guha, who has passed his AISSCE class XII, Humanities this year with 96 % and 92 % in Class X boards. His all-round performance has been exceptional throughout his school years. He is brilliant in academics, good at drama, English Elocution, Hindi Elocution, Debate, Extempore, sports and music.