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By Meenakshi Sanyal,Cl XII Science

Earth Day Every Day

Every year on the 22nd of April, we celebrate Earth Day all across the globe. The Earth is the planet we humans have inhabited for years uncountable. The journey of our lives begins and ends in this very planet. We humans are dependent on earth , always have been and always will be and Earth ,just like our mother has been providing us with nearly everything we require. In reality, with every passing day the condition of earth worsens, and it’s us humans who are to be blamed for this. There is a saying by Plato which goes “Better be unborn than untaught, for ignorance is the root of misfortune” and here we are today where ignorance towards our planet has turned out to be our biggest enemy. Our planet is a home to so many species of nature and yet just because of our selfish greed, every specie get closer to the verge of extinction. As long as the idea of nature and mankind being two separate entities keep existing so will the deterioration of our blue planet. Mother Earth which provides us everyday is on the verge of collapse just because of the unethical and irresponsible behaviour of some humans. Mankind and nature are one and both of them are inter-dependent the sooner we realize it the better it will be for us and for all the future generations who are going to be future inhabitants of this planet. It is time we let go of this ignorance and start noticing the ill and critical condition we have put our Mother Earth into This Earth Day, let us remember that we are responsible for our planet and let’s do our part in protecting it and taking care it’s problem and not just this one day but every other day we spend our lives on this planet. To conclude with, we must all remember this saying by Wendell Berry, “Earth is what we all have in common” and keep doing our duty towards this planet, not just for our survival, but mostly because we owe it to Mother Earth every single day for providing us with everything, we require every day and it is our responsibility to repair the damage we have caused it all this while. This Earth Day, let us be thankful and do the needful to protect our home , our mother, our planet, Earth.