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By Shalini Roy, Cl XII Humanities

Earth Day Join the Fight, Do What’s Right

Earth Day is the time to reflect and be thankful for everything that Earth has provided us with. It is the time to tie up our relationship with nature. Every year we celebrate Earth Day on 22nd April but in a pandemic infested Earth we have not much to do but stay indoors. Let us do small things for our Mother Earth such as recycling: specially to focus on paper, plastic, e-waste and food. Doing something exceptional cannot change the ideology of our society but doing some repetitive work can definitely bring some changes in future. A day, we celebrate humanity’s movement towards a greener, sustainable future. Though I do not believe in statistical data but a very recent poll by Washington Post found that 8 in 10 Americans believe that human activities is fuelling climate change as well as ongoing environmental crisis and so there is no particular date to celebrate Earth Day but every day is Earth Day- every day is the way to stand up and say ‘we are the part of the solution’. Another statistical data says that more than a billion people celebrate Earth Day every year with 7.5 billion people on earth. We can say that a lot of individuals are influencing the environment for the betterment. Every company and school should have one Green Volunteer Team who can come up with some plans in hand, Corporate Green Teams can do wonderful jobs by motivating other employees, encouraging other sustainable brands to do business with you. A seminar or webinar is one of the best ways to talk to the students or employees. Real life experience can bring real changes to people. There can be discussions on:
  • Energy efficiency in school, residence and workplace.
  • Climate change and its impact.
  • New ideas on recycling.
  • Switching to eco-friendly materials.
  • Carpool or cycling or biking to work programmes.
  • Fashion party where each person will wear some recyclable materials.
  • A giveaway idea for dresses, toys and books.
Organising a marathon for fundraising for ongoing Green Education Initiative. Beside regular education, green routines and dedication towards a sustainable work culture is our goal in Adamas Knowledge City. Our school organises discussions, brain swarming sessions which can make the most important impact on sustainability. Here we wish all of you a very Happy Earth Day and yes, if you have any innovative idea which we did not include that you would like to share, please leave us a story- we would be happy to hear from you.