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How Parents can help children to succeed in school


Schooling is that important phase of growth years that paves the way for traditional learning. For students to do well at school, support from parents is crucial. By actively taking part in learning, parents can help students develop a positive attitude towards studies as well as co-curricular activities.



As one of the leading primary schools in Kolkata, here we share a few important tips for parents to help their children succeed in primary school:

Focus More on Concept Learning
Parents should understand and also tell their children that it is the process of learning that is important. How they study, what they study, and how much they understand the topic is important. Parents should focus more on making their children understand concepts. This way, the child will not have to mug up an answer.

Help Them Prepare Their Daily Schedule
Another very important thing is to make a daily schedule. Children should make their daily schedule in the morning and work accordingly throughout the day. This will give the students a sense of time so that they can complete the different tasks in a limited time frame. Scheduling their day helps them get clarity about the tasks completed and the left ones. Parents can also help in prioritising different tasks according to the level of urgency.

Ask Them to Do Their Homework on Time
Parents should regularly check their child’s homework and ask them to do it on time. They can create separate time slots for the homework and other activities. They can help them with their homework by telling them about various resources they can use to complete their homework effectively.

Avoid Missing Parents- Teacher Meeting
Parents should try to attend every parents-teacher meeting as it will help them get important insights about the children’s progress, such as:

  1. How is their child performing in the class?
  2. What are the academic weaknesses to work on?
  3. What are the strengths of the child?

All this will help parents to focus more on the weak subjects and simultaneously build on their strengths.

Balance Between Academics and Outdoor Activities
Parents need to understand that succeeding in primary school does not only mean excelling in academics only. It means having a good balance between academics and co-curricular activities. Taking part in extracurricular activities helps the overall development of children’s personalities. Extracurricular activities help students to find out their interests and talents other than academics. It also helps in keeping them mentally and physically active. According to a study, there is a positive correlation between academics and co-curricular activities.

Praise the Child on Their Success
Parents should always praise and celebrate the smallest victory of their child. It will help in boosting their confidence, and they will again try to give their best in the next exams.



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