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student leadership


Leadership skills are highly sought-after in the professional world and,, thus, efforts must be made in the early years to develop them. A good leader is not only self-motivated but he or she motivates others to achieve a shared goal. Having leadership skills help students to learn the art of building good relationships with others. Effective communication skills and interpersonal skills are byproducts of good leadership skills. Teachers in schools can play a very important role in developing leadership skills among students.


As a leading CBSE school in Barasat, here we share with you a few insights on how to nurture leadership in students:

▷ Teach Students About Self-Belief
Self belief gives students confidence to accomplish any goal that they have set for themselves. It helps students to overcome any difficulty in their path. By teaching students to learn from their mistakes, our teachers encourage our students to accept their failures as stepping stones. Also, by offering constructive feedback, our teachers can make learning a positive experience.

 ▷ Teach Students the Importance of Teamwork
Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress, working together is a success.” This quote by Henry Ford rightly emphasises the importance of teamwork. A good leader not only helps himself but also takes care of his team. Teamwork helps them achieve many hurdles in life. Be it academics or sports or extracurricular activities, students at our school are encouraged to work in teams.

 ▷ Importance of Responsibilities
To be a good leader a student should understand the importance of responsibilities. Responsibilities help the students to learn the art of managing different things simultaneously. A good leader fulfilling all the responsibilities is an inspiration for the team members.

 ▷ Teach Them About Acceptance
Life will be full of ups and downs, success and failures. A good leader always accepts his or her mistakes and works hard to improve them. At our school, all students are appreciated and loved. This helps in promoting a feeling of self-acceptance.

 ▷ Help Them in Developing Reflective Learning
Self-reflection is very important for personal transformation. Self-reflection not only helps them to understand their loopholes but also helps them in accelerating their own personal growth and help their team members to grow together.

 ▷ Enhance Their Communication Skills and Interpersonal Skills
Communication skills play a crucial role in building a good leader. It helps them in speaking better and writing effectively. Good communication skills can also help students develop persuasion skills and negotiation skills. At our school, students get ample opportunities to hone their communication skills. From classroom presentations to extempore speech, from  taking parts in mock parliamentary sessions  to speaking at the school assembly, students get to try public speaking at various forums.

 ▷ Importance of Active Listening
Active listening is one important factor in becoming a good leader. Leaders can understand their team members’ grievances by actively listening to them and simultaneously puting solutions. Active listening helps them to also enhance their knowledge basket.



Adamas World School is among the best CBSE schools in Barasat. Our sprawling green campus is part of the Adamas Knowledge City. There are excellent academic facilities that focus on personalised learning. The learning at our school is student-centred and all efforts are made to nurture leadership, creativity and life skills. To know about our admission process, click here.