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By Tanish Shitanshu

Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April, the day aims to inspire the society to act towards the protection of our mother Earth & it also raises awareness about global warming & change in climate. This day is also esteemed as the largest civic event in the world. God has given us a beautiful world which is full of freshness & essence of life, then why do we harm our beautiful mother earth by polluting our environment & killing trees?

It is all because of the greedy & selfish nature of human beings who cut trees in the name of development & change, we pollute our surroundings by building huge industries & power plants. According to a survey approximately 2.47 million trees are cut everyday in the whole world & approximately 4.6 million people die every year because of air pollution. Different types of pollution cause different types of problems like – water pollution leads to destruction of bio diversity, lack of potable water etc.., air pollution leads to respiratory health complications, degrades the quality of air etc. whereas soil pollution leads to harm in plant growth & radioactive pollution leads to genetic disorder etc., there are many other different kinds of pollution that have different devastating effects. So, I would like to suggest few steps that we may follow to conserve our mother Earth – whenever we cut a tree we should plant as least three more plants  (afforestation), factories     should be built far from cities to avoid air pollution, garbage and wastes should not be disposed in water bodies, there should be no excessive use of fertilizer in the crop field as it degrades the quality of soil, we should follow the 4Rs (Review, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), we should promote more & more environment awareness programmers at local level etc. if we follow these steps then a day will surely come when our planet Earth will be pollution free with a healthy environment & our mother Earth will heal & would be proud of us. It would be the golden time when people could focus on upgradation of themselves & modern world would be self-created with full of energy, positivity & creativity.

So, on this Earth Day let us take the oath to make a pollution free world full of happiness. We humans, being the wisest of all races have to take the responsibility to conserve resources for our future generations. “Keep it clean and make it green”. Remember if we can’t make it then we can’t break it.