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Tips for parents for finding best school for toddlers - Adamas World School

Useful Tips for Parents for Finding the Best School for Toddlers


Primary School is the first stepping stone in every student’s life. As a parent, it is important that you choose the right school for your toddler. During the first three years of schooling a child should experience mental and physical development in a conducive environment that endorses happiness and growth. It is during these years that your toddler learns to form relationships outside home, gets familiar with their teachers and start with their studies.
Hence, parents need to make the right selection of schools.



Parents would want to select nothing but the best for their children. When it comes to school parents look for a home away from home for the children to learn and grow. All parents want the best school for their toddlers but most parents don’t know how to. If you are looking for  CBSE school admission 2022 for your child, here are some useful tips for searching the best schools for your young one:


Check the School Infrastructure
You should consider primary schools with good quality infrastructure. Modern classrooms, activity rooms, libraries, and many more facilities play an important role in the overall learning experience. According to a study, the classroom environment has a strong influence on the academic performance of students. We have state-of-art laboratories and libraries with more than 6000 books. We have a huge campus with two big playgrounds. We are a part of the sprawling green campus of Adamas Knowledge City, which is spread over 100 acres of land. All our classes have smart boards.


Learn About Teachers
Teachers play an important role in shaping the minds of children. So it is essential to have supportive teachers who are always ready to solve each and every doubt of the students. Teachers should encourage their students to take part in different activities so that they will have overall growth. Our teachers are well-qualified and highly experienced.


Find Out the Teacher-Student Ratio
For effective teaching, there should be a perfect balance between teacher and student ratio. It is the responsibility of the school to have a good teacher-student ratio so that a teacher can provide good attention to each and every student. Especially in primary school, which is known as the budding years of any student. We maintain a healthy teacher-student ratio so that students can get personal attention.


Inquire About The Teaching Methods
It is important for you to know about the teaching methods schools have adopted. At an early age, it is important to develop inquisitiveness among students. Schools should promote different teaching methods that develop more understanding than rote learning. Understanding is more important than memorization of facts. At our primary school, we have adopted a high-quality experiential learning method that promotes critical thinking and independent learning.


Find Out About the Transportation Facility
For primary children, transportation is important. Small children need special care and attention. You should check whether the school offers transportation or not. We offer a bus service for transportation of children with well-trained drivers.


Extra-curricular Activities
Good primary schools offer extra-curricular activities such as dance, art and craft, sports activities, poem competitions, and more. This boosts students’ confidence and prepares them for the future.



The primary section of Adamas World School focuses on helping students to become independent learners. We offer a supportive environment that helps the students in their holistic development in the early years of life. Our middle-schoolers are encouraged to learn new concepts through classroom teaching, various assignments, models, experiments, and projects. Our curriculum is aimed at helping students apply learning to the real world. For primary schools admission 2022, contact 8336944340/8479918043.