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How Parents Can Help Middle School Children With Homework



Several centuries age, in the city of Venice (Italy) Roberto Nevelis is (often) credited to have invented a method of studying for the children when they got back home after the school was over. This system is today popularly known as what we refer as “homework”. However, this is a popular belief and there are several other names from Germany and US who might be also historically considered as proponents of the procedure of homework.

Throughout history, there have been several supports and opponents of the concept of practice of homework. Despite that, homework remains an essential practice within the sphere of pedagogy and practised far-and-wide.

Homework is an important part of learning. Homework encourages students to revise what they have learned in class. It helps in reinforcing concepts. By actively helping students, parents can help children develop a positive learning attitude.



As one of the leading private middle schools in Kolkata, here we share a few important tips to help middle school children with their homework:

Create a Distraction-free Study Area
At home, students have various kinds of distractions such as television, video games, and mobile phones. Parents can reduce these distractions by creating a distraction-free study space so that their child can do their homework peacefully. Create a separate study area that has a proper chair and table. Make sure the child has all the learning materials needed for doing the homework.

Be Supportive
Parents can help their children in doing their homework. But while doing this, they need to be careful as little push is required, and the rest should be done by the children. Parents can also help them learn how to use various other resources for extra knowledge. Extra resources could be reference books and the internet.

Help Them Establish a Daily Routine
Another important way parents can help their children with their homework is by creating a daily schedule. A daily routine will provide clarity to the children about the time devoted to different tasks. Children can also prepare their own daily routine chart and devote separate time for homework, self-study, and outdoor activities. It is important for parents to make their children understand about maintaining a balance between their homework and leisure time. Both are equally important, and hence quality time should be devoted to both the activities.

Ensure Children Take Small and Frequent Breaks
Small breaks in between the homework hours are important. Ask children to take a 10 to 15  minutes of break after completing a particular homework. Students can listen to soft instrumental music in between their breaks, or they can just close their eyes and rest for some time.

Make Their Homework Engaging
Another important thing parents can do is to make their homework interactive and engaging. Parents can ask their children various questions related to their homework. This will help them search about the topics and help them learn new facts. Parents can also use flashcards or any informative game to make them understand the topic so that they can do their homework easily and efficiently.

  Try to Convert Their “I Don’t know” into “I can try”
Sometimes students find the homework tough, and their immediate reaction is “I do not know this,” and parents start doing their work instead of helping them. Ideally, parents should help their children to change their “I don’t know” attitude into “I can try.” For this, parents can tell them various other resources they can take help from. They can teach them the right usage of the internet and reference books.



As the days have evolved, homework alone cannot ensure a steady study habit. The essence of education has evolved over time. So have the methodologies of teaching. At Adamas World School, which is affiliated to CBSE, our teachers conduct a plethora of activities that help  students to develop analytical acumen, critical thinking and problem solving ability. With modern academic infrastructure and veteran faculty the students at AWS are achieving their goals with glory.

For an effective learning experience, we always put more emphasis on hands-on experiesmart classrooms, well-equipped labs, and libraries.nce and activity based learning. In addition students also learn and grown in an supportive environment consisting of  smart classrooms, well-equipped labs, and libraries.

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