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By Arunima Dutta English Teacher Adamas World School

Role of Teachers in the modern world

An enormous change has taken place in the society and world at large. The advancement in information technology, the emergence of nuclear family units and the tedious schedule of modern man are responsible for such a transformation.  Certain age old ideas have become obsolete now. What is significant now runs the risk of being obsolete tomorrow. Hence, we need to change ourselves with the rapid change of the world and prepare our children accordingly. Educating a child had never been such a challenging task before. With this rapid change, the role of the educational institutions has changed drastically. School no longer remains the only source of knowledge. The students can easily satisfy their curious minds by surfing the internet. So, has the importance of school and teachers diminished over the years? Students no longer seek the help of the teacher to gather any information. This brings us to the most alarming question… Will the profession of teaching which was once considered to be the noblest one, cease to exist? In fact, teaching today has become one of the most complex and challenging jobs. The teachers cannot be mere informers, they need to provide information and show their students how to tackle them_ they are the facilitators in the learning process, the supporters rather than educators. Their main task is to set goals and organize the learning process accordingly. The other major concern in the modern world is that the children are no longer reared in a large extended family. Besides, the mother who is considered to be the most superior institution in the growth and development of the child is not able to handle her kid efficiently due to her busy work schedule. Teacher is now expected to play the role of parent as well. The onus now lies on the teacher to prepare the child for the world outside. Solely imparting knowledge no longer remains the ultimate motive; the teachers now must strive to mould the personality of the students. We are making them doctors and engineers but have we forgotten our other responsibility of grooming them to good citizens? It is our duty to develop good citizens as they are the future of our country. The prosperity of the country lies in their hands. Securing high percentage in the Board examinations should not be the goal, instead application of knowledge is more essential. Students are highly potential_ they need proper guidance and direction from us. We should be positive motivators and must ensure to prepare the young minds to face the world with great confidence and stride.